Dear spreadsheet...

... please explain yourself, make a graph from the data, interprete it and summarize everything in a short blog post. Generated with Midjourney. When I explained to my colleagues a few weeks ago that this scenario would very soon become reality, they said, "Dream on..." Now, it's here, dear colleagues! Yes, with ChatGPT 4o, it is reality. In the experiment at the end of this post , I just experienced how this tool can analyze complex data sets and produce insightful visualizations. It effortlessly transformed raw data on tourism's economic impact and employment into clear, understandable trends. Using ChatGPT 4o, I generated a comprehensive analysis that highlights key trends and insights, demonstrating the tool's capability to turn data into actionable knowledge. The process was based on one single prompt, seamless, making complex data analysis accessible and understandable. This is not just a dream—it's a reality that enhances our ability to make informed
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