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GPT excels within Excel !

Today I share my experience with a game-changing Excel add-in that uses AI to automate tasks. While it has the potential to improve productivity in ways never before imagined by fusing complicated activities with straightforward user instructions, I would like to start in this blog a larger discussion regarding the social and ethical ramifications of this level of AI integration. Since AI like GPT become an integral part of our apps, understanding its fundamental mechanisms requires that we engage with it directly now . As we go into a day when spreadsheets can hold conversations and analyze sentiment, it will be important to strike a balance between reliance on AI and education to make sure it complements, rather than replaces, human abilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) and commonplace workplace technologies have finally found each other in the digital office. In the experiment below I have tested an exciting Excel add-in called . Its purpose? In order to make difficult

Harnessing AI to Refine Educational Courses: My Experience with ChatGPT's Capabilities

In a recent interaction, I showcased the potential of OpenAI's ChatGPT in assisting educators to refine their course structures. My experiment began by predefining a context using a comprehensive list of Business Analysis Techniques. Following this preprompt, I presented a current undergraduate course structure that needed modification. The goal? To identify and recommend new Business Analysis techniques appropriate for each chapter of the course.   The Power of Contextual Communication with ChatGPT One of the most striking elements in this experiment was the emphasis on context. My initial "preprompt" set the stage by providing ChatGPT with a menu of options to consider. This allows for a directed, topic-specific conversation, where the AI can pull from a given set of data. The "postprompt" then elaborated on the current course structure, allowing ChatGPT to compare, contrast, and make recommendations based on the established context. Quality and Limitations of